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OZEV Grant Changes
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After 1st April 2022 those with off-street parking will no longer be eligible for the grant. However most landlords, tenants and small business owners, on the other hand, will still be able to claim the OZEV grant. 

What are the new OZEV rules?

The biggest changes to the OZEV grant include a new set of eligibility criteria for both the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) and Homecharge Grant Scheme (EVHS).

Under the new OZEV rules, homeowners can no longer claim for the EVHS’s £350 funding towards off-street charger installation. The new rules will only grant eligibility to:

  • Landlords

  • Social housing providers

  • Owners of apartment blocks

  • Flat owner-occupiers

  • People living in rented accommodation



New rules for workplaces and commercial properties

Workplaces and commercial properties are currently eligible for the £350 OZEV grant under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). However, the criteria for eligible workplaces will change under the new April 1st 1st OZEV grant rules. 

The new changes will make the WCS grant available to:

  • SMEs

  • Small accommodation businesses

  • B&Bs

  • Charities 

  • Commercially let premises owners

This will open up the opportunity for more businesses to claim up to £350 of the cost of each charge point installation. The OZEV changes will, for instance, allow the owner of a small accommodation business to claim funding for charge points that are available for guests. Whereas previously, they could only receive funding for charge points being used by staff.

 There is also now an infrastructure grant available to help businesses install electric vehicle charging points for their staff and fleets that will give money towards the cost of installing the infrastructure needed as well as for installing the charge points. Meaning businesses can plan for their future charging needs.  


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