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OLEV (office of low emmission vehicles) aproved installer, offering help and advice on claiming OLEV grants for your charge point.



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About Us

Charge Easy is a independent, Herefordshire business. We offer qualified, professional, OLEV approved installations with a site visit to survey, and 3 year warranty.


Charge Easy is accredited to a wide range of charge point manufactures, offering a variety to suit all surroundings, tastes and budgets.

Charge Easy work closely with experts in both the electric vehicle and green energy industries, allowing us to use our collective skills, understanding and expertise to provide our customers with the best service possible. 


We pride ourselves in providing a friendly and stress free experience, from choosing your electric vehicle charging point to completing paper work and claiming your OLEV grant, whether at home or for commercial or business premises.


Charging your car at home

Charging your electric vehicle at home is easy, simple and very convenient, it is also surprisingly cost effective. To estimate the cost of fully charging your vehicle take; Vehicles battery capacity in kWh X the cost of your home energy supply in kWh = cost of a fully charged electric vehicle.

Check with your energy supplier for their policy on offering special tariffs for electric vehicle charging, and commitment to match your power usage to electricity derived from sustainable sources.

We strongly believe in working together for a brighter, greener future.


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